How To Care For Your Homalomena?

Homalomena Care

Family: Araceae Botanical

Name: Homalomena hybrid ‘Selby’ Common Name: Queen of Hearts, Shield Plant

Do you know that Homalomena houseplants are the darling of homeowners? Why? Well, they are easy to care for plants, and you do not need to bother much about them. These plants are tolerant of low lighting conditions and stress. Native to tropical Asia, Homalomena is an upright plant with green spade-shaped leaves. The green flowers of the plant do not develop petals. 

There are multitudes of wild species of Homalomena plants, but only a few are available for ornamental purposes. Since it grows well in low light conditions, Homalomena is a great choice for homes that do not benefit from windows offering a lot of natural light.

If you notice that foliage has started to wilt, you should water the Homalomena plant. You should bear in mind that overabundance of sunlight can damage the foliage and create sunburns on the leaves, which ruins the aesthetics. There is no point keeping a plant with burned leaves for ornamental purposes. It is highly important to figure out when Homalomena plants need water. Bear in mind that these plants neither like to dry nor want to remain in the water all the time. 

How to take care of Homalomena?

Now comes the most important part how can you take care of Homalomena plants. Let’s have a look!


Indoor plants should not be kept in direct sunlight as it can scorch the leaves. Homalomena plants grow well in the lower light conditions as well, but in the growing season, you should keep them in a place where they get more indirect light. 


Homalomena plants need water, but you should not overwater them. These plants do not like to sit in the water as the excess water can cause root rot. But it does not mean that you should keep them dry. Just figure out when the plant needs water. Use a pot that drains water so that the roots do not remain wet all the time.


Homalomenas are tropical houseplants, so they love warmer conditions. However, these plants can do well in the 400F as well. The ideal temperature for these plants is between 60-90℉.


Fertilize Homalomena plants with a complete liquid fertilizer at the recommended strength of ½ twice a month during the growing season. Do not fertilize them when there is no growth. You should not fertilize Homalomena plants in the winter season, either.


Homalomena plants do well in the average household air as well, but they benefit from high humidity levels.

Some more tips:

Now let’s take a look at some more tips that can help you take care of Homalomena plants:

  • If you notice that the leaves are turning brown, you should increase the humidity with a humidifier. You can also put them in a pot filled with water and pebbles. 
  • Since Homalomena plants have deep roots, you should not transplant into a shallow container.
  • Keep Homalomena in a free-draining potting mix that allows breathability for roots. 
  • Do not overfeed the Homalomena plants.

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